Flexible pricing | Bloemfontein Head Office

STABLE EXPRESS, a local courier company, has its head office in Bloemfontein. Flexible pricing allows us to accommodate your diverse courier needs. As we are an owner-managed business, Alda and Lize are accessible via phone and email. All towns on our routes are visited daily, from Monday to Friday, which ensures greater predictability regarding your delivery time. Through vehicle tracking systems, installed in our vehicles, and other means, we are aware of drivers’ movements from moment to moment.

Loyal and experienced drivers

Our drivers are long-term employees who have become part of the STABLE EXPRESS family. When additional personnel members are employed, we first consult with our existing team, to maintain and expand the STABLE EXPRESS circle of trust. This is a key reason why we are able to grow our business, through the addition of routes, and maintain our service standards.

When STABLE EXPRESS says ‘parcels’, what do we mean?

We mean business and personal items for transport and delivery. This excludes, generally speaking,

  • animals and people (alive or not)
  • large and heavy loads
  • alcohol & narcotics
  • flammable materials
  • plants, and
  • furniture

The above list is not intended to be complete. If you are uncertain about any aspect of your parcels’ suitability, kindly ask us. Also, we reserve the right to refuse any parcel, without any obligation to explain our refusal.